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An independent mother’s day

With the oil prices about 96 dollars for the WTI and 113 dollars for the Brent, the cost of life has risen for everyone. But it hurts the most those who can’t stretch their earnings. Among those people, we found the single moms.

One of my friends divorced three years ago, and  recently went to court to raise her spousal support, because she found it hard to raise her kids financially. “I can’t tell them to cut back their activities because I can’t drive them and want to save on gasoline” she said. But luckily for my friend, who’s a social assistant, she doesn’t have to worry about her rent.

This isn’t the case of another friend of mine, who complains her rent keeps on increasing with the higher consumer price index. “If it continues to increase, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, or I would be forced to make some economies, but that will be difficult to explain to my children” she said.

One of my friends told me her mother struggled to raise him and his two sisters when they were younger. “My mom worked hard, but she was always depressed. Her only pleasure was to watch the sole TV show our TV, which had only two channels at the time, on sundays, eating a can of sausages. Apart from that, she saved on every penny she could. At school, of course, it was difficult, because we were the poor among the other children” he said. His father rejected his family when he was 9 because they weren’t “catholic” enough. He refused to pay any spousal support to his ex-wife.

It didn’t hinder my friend to become what he is right now. But I do believe we fight harder than the other who have a better luck in life at the start when we’re not necessarily financially gifted.

Times are tough for single moms right now. Is this the cost of independence?


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