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Losing weight and losing love

When people lose a lot of weight, they sometimes have a hard time accepting who they become. Because you feel like someone new when you lose a lot of weight, especially when you were considered as obese by your doctor. Your body, after you lose all those kilos, feel light and you’re able to do things your older weight didn’t allow you to do, at the risk of your articulations.

Because this change of weight forces us to adjust ourselves mentally to it,  we can feel disconnected from our personality for a while. This can cause trouble in your relationship with your significant other.

She was not fat, but she wanted to fit into a size zero. So, she put herself in a heavy diet. And eight months later, she reached her goal. But she wasn’t the same anymore. Before, she was a little bit chubby, but she was full of life and was a really good company. When she lost all her weight, she became obsessed with staying slim, and that made her often moody. She became difficult to go out with. We couldn’t go to our friends ‘places without having her criticizing the meal all of the time. And our friends became annoyed with her attitude. At the restaurant, she didn’t want to eat more than the starter. And she also insisted I didn’t eat my food in front of her when we were at home. She wasn’t herself anymore. One year later, I decided to call it quits with her, because I had enough. I wanted her old self back. But she didn’t want to change” R. said.

Some people don’t change that much when they lose weight. “I lost a lot of weight thanks to surgery. And it allowed me to do sport, because when I was fat, I had a hard time even walking. It made me more happy, and I felt desirable for the first time” H.said. “But my man became suddenly possessive with me. He was constantly asking me where I was going. He hated when I went out with my friends and was very jealous of all the men who looked at me. He told me he felt I didn’t love him anymore since I lost my weight” she added. “Before, I was not feeling confident. And I relied a lot on him for my happiness. But then, I discovered I could be happy on my own. I thought he would appreciate the new me. But he didn’t react the right way” she said. She’s now separated from him. And found a man who appreciates her independency.

The things we do attract or repeal people. This is the rule of attraction. When we lose weight, we do something that has an impact on us, but also on the people who surround us.

So, do you feel comfortable with your weight?


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