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Why you’re not married?

I recently read this article on Huffington Post, where the author lists ten reasons explaining why you’re not yet married.

Basically, if you’re

  1. a bitch
  2. a slut
  3. shallow
  4. a liar
  5. not good enough
  6. selfish
  7. a mess
  8. a dude
  9. crazy
  10. godless

You don’t have any chance to get married, according to her. She insists she got divorced three times…

Is it true? No. And I find this list particularly offensive toward single women. Besides, I find around me multiple examples proving the contrary to what she said.

Many of the single women I know have children, yet, they are not married. One of my friends adopted three years ago a little boy, and she’s still not married.

A true bitch I know is married for 15 years now.

A true slut, who slept with many, many men, is about to get married.

A woman I know is not what we called a true beauty, because she’s a little bit chubby, yet, she managed to marry someone.

A friend of mine got married to a guy she kept on calling. They were friends before they started dating.

This list can go on and on.

I also know a lot of women who don’t have any of these “problems”, yet, they can’t find the right guy. Besides, we can be married to the wrong guy.

Like I said previously, it’s a question of attraction. We attract what we reflect of ourselves. If we don’t feel good enough, we will attract someone who will try to save you. If you’re crazy, the same applies. We can even get married.

I have my own explanations why women, including me, are not yet married. Here it is:

  1. We’re still in love with our ex. Since her ex left her four years ago, F., 36, hasn’t been able to keep a relationship. T.’s husband died ten years ago in a car accident, and since then, she only had affairs, but never a committed relationship.
  2. We’re involved in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man, who doesn’t want to commit into something serious.
  3. We can’t find our equal, because around us, we only find men who are not good enough.
  4. We don’t have the time to find someone, and we find dating sites creepy. And blind dates suck.
  5. We use too much technology, and don’t know how to make a real relationship out of it. If we texts too much, email too much, only tweets or use facebook to communicate with a man, this is the path of disaster for a relationship. You can only feel if you’re with the right guy if you’re a real situation with him. Not on Facebook, where you just shows what you want to show. And so does he.
  6. You simply don’t want to get married.

I may forget some reasons. So, have your say if you see something missing. Or simply explain why you  can’t find the right guy.


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