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Hard to understand

Recently, one of my friends told me she cut off all contacts with a guy she had been more or less dating over the past year. She met him one year ago at a party. Her friends introduced her to him, and even mentioned he could be the father of her children…

They chatted a long time during that party, and he invited her to the restaurant for a real date. My friend told me he talked a lot about himself during that date, and she was a bit annoyed by him. But he invited her to have a walk in a park for a second date, and she accepted.

After one month, she got invited to a barbecue where all his family was present, including his two young children.  And then, he disappeared, and never called my friend. “Who does that?” she asked. “I would never introduced someone to my parents like that” she added. Indeed, your family can be curious about the people you introduce to them.

My friend felt rejected of course, but she moved on quickly Three months later, he contacted her again.  She accepted to go and have a drink with him. The conversation was a bit awkward, because he kept on criticizing my friend and put all the responsibility of their failed relationship on her shoulder. He told her she would never be a good example for his kids, as she was partying a lot (that’s not true), and that she was aloof, because she didn’t reply immediately to his calls and SMS.

As my friend protested, he replied to her he was fragile and not over his divorce. My friend left him after that. And she cut all contacts with him again. Four months passed, until she met him at a party. There, he apologized for being such a fool, and told her he had been going out a lot lately. He began to serenade my friend, saying she was the light of his sinister life. But my friend replied to him she had enough of him.

Later, I learned a bit more about her troubled man, thanks to someone who works with him. He’s a former photographer, who quit his job because he got traumatized by what he saw, and he works now for an insurance company.

My friend, who’s a social worker, was seen as a perfect match for him. Personally, I believe she deserves better than that.


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