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You will meet a dark stranger

In the New York Times, there’s a column called Modern Love I often read. One story was about psychics and how come we can believe them. The story also mentioned the success people have after seeing a psychic. Like if we were conditioned to let that happened.

I wonder: is this because someone we don’t know tell us about the direction of our life that our life takes that direction?

Once, someone left a spam in my blog beginning with this sentence: ” a sailor without a destination cannot hope for a favorable wind”.

Some theories say that if we know what we want, we get a better chance to have it. This is especially true in relationships. Around me, many people don’t see the point of listing the things they would like in their significant other. Most people just know what they don’t want.

But it’s funny how someone else’s predictions can materialize, maybe not completely as we thought. Two years ago, after many many drinks with one of my best friends, she asked if she could read my palm lines. And she said I would have two men in my life. Three months after that, B. told me the same thing, but not by reading my palm lines. Six months later, I briefly dated two men at the same time. But it didn’t last. That’s probably how her predictions materialized.

Most people ask the same questions to fortune-tellers. It’s either about love or about wealth. But the truth is, at some point in our life, we will all get confronted to love and wealth. It’s the decision we make about it that makes it materialize. Sometimes, for some reasons, we choose not to see those signs.


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