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All players here

When I was in New York in June, I visited some friends who told me the difficulties of finding a man in that city. “All of them are players” one told me. All of them, really? I met two women  who found their match during my visit. They found their husband in the most common way: at work or through friends.

Yes, there are players among men. They are only interested in scoring with women as much as they can. And they don’t really care about them. Usually, they will try to sleep with them right away. But there are variant forms of players. A friend of mine used to be involved with a guy who had a turnover of seven female friends. All of them were his fuck buddies. The common point for all players is there are too many women around them. Way too many. And I’m not speaking about family members.

With these kind of men, you shouldn’t expect much. Chances are if your “relationship” lasts longer than a one-night stand, he won’t be available for you. He will also lie to you a lot. Not a solid foundation for a strong relationship.

Is there a way to avoid a player? Yes, and it’s really simple: never sleep with him too quickly. The more you make him wait, the more you will eliminate those who are only interested in sleeping with you. If he’s still there after two months of abstinence, maybe he’s interested in you.

And what if you are dating one? Well, here, the mirror technique can help you. Date other men as well and have a lot of men around you. If he doesn’t react to this, it will help you to leave him.

Unfortunately, in big cities like New York, this kind of men find their territory. This is why my friends complain all men are players here.  But not all of them.


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