Dear Kristen Stewart,

We don’t know each other, and I don’t know if all I read about you in the news lately is true, but I would like to give you some advices.

You’re young, and still unexperienced in life. You were weak to your film director, who probably was the one who initiated the adultery. You were in a delicate position.

We all make mistakes. You realized you made one.

Robert left you after this. Is he going to forgive you? That’s too early to tell.

You have already apologized to him. But you’re also begging him to come back to you. Don’t do that.

Stop calling him. Stop contacting him. Get your act together. The more you beg him, the more he will take his distance with you.

Don’t try to make him jealous too. Remember you have lost his confidence. If you try to make him jealous and date another guy, he will get comforted you’re just a s****.

You have your career. Focus on it. You’re a good actress. Don’t blow your chance.

Please, don’t hang out with girls who are clearly a bad influence.

And fight with the ones who are close to you, but don’t support you right now. Because you need them more than ever.

Take care sweetheart.


2 thoughts on “Dear Kristen Stewart,

  1. She might start hanging out with Lindsey Lohan after this… she’s lost to Hollywood now… it’s that first act of adultery that leads you into the path of darkness.

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