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Broken and lonesome

One of my coworkers,  despite being friendly and nice to everyone, reflects a sad image. Every time I speak to him, I can feel he’s unhappy.

It’s been two years now he’s battling with his ex-wife. They were separated in 2010 and got divorced last year. They have fought on everything, including their children. He has remained in contact with the two oldest of his kids. But his young daughter refused to talk to him. She’s backing her mom. It’s been  two years now he hasn’t spoke to her. Before, he used to speak a lot about her. She was his little treasure.

He didn’t need to tell me about this. I learned about this through one of his closest friends in my newsroom, when I told him his friend looks very depressed.

Unfortunately, when we’re unhappy, we reflect it a lot to the other people, even if we try hard not to show our unhappiness. My coworker is really nice with everyone. Yet, I can feel there’s something wrong. And as a result, I’m avoiding him when it’s possible. I’m not mean, but I feel a little bit sad when I’m near him. And this is something  I don’t want to feel right now in my life.

This is why, when we try to seduce someone, this feeling is to be avoided at any cost. We don’t seduce  with pity and empathy for our problems. We will only attract people who will use us by doing so. Cults, crooks, abusive personalities typically target this kind of prey.

Begging the one you love to take you back will repel him/her unfortunately. This is the wrong strategy.

That’s why it’s important to feel happy. And to find your own happiness. This journey can be long. But it’s worth will.