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Catch him and keep him

A friend of mine recently told me the unfortunate experience her friend is going through. She finally got the man she was in love with, but three weeks later, he slipped through her fingers to get back with his ex, who’s the mother of their two children. Since then, her friend has tried to get him back. But she did it the wrong way by harassing him on Facebook.

My friend told me she copied and pasted her conversation with her ex on Facebook, and then sent it to his two daughters.

She’s smart, beautiful, and funny. But when she falls in love, she doesn’t act rational anymore” says my friend. “She’s jealous, possessive. She turns into a pathetic insecure bitch” she added.

Facebook can be really poisonous to your love life. But there’s one option very useful with Facebook: Show in the news list. Or not.  Unfriend is also another option.

It’s difficult to see our ex getting friend with new women, or pictures of him with his new lover. My friend says her friend spies the profile of every new woman her ex is friend with on Facebook. Of course, it makes her mad.

So, no, don’t follow his news feed anymore. Delete that option.

Plus, if you want to get back with your ex, turning into a psychotic obsessed bitch is not an option. It would only make him run away. And you should never ever criticize his new woman, nor the ex he got back to. The best way to react to this is to ignore her completely.

Yes, we do suffer after a break up. I can truly understand the pain my friend’s friend is going through.

She fell in love with him 17 years ago, and she couldn’t forget about him. When she finally got him, she screwed up by being jealous, mean, and possessive.  And she lost what she’s been hoping for for years.

The key is never to show him you’re hurt. If you want compassion, turn to your friends and family. It’s OK to suffer after a break up. It’s OK to search for help.  But don’t show it to him.


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