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If you could go back in time

In France, there’s a comedy #1 at the box office right now called Camille rewinds. It’s about a 47 year old actress who faints on New Year’s Eve and wakes up the next day 25 years earlier.

At that time, she still has her parents and is about to fall in love with the man who will leave her 25 years later for a younger woman. The movie shows her attempts to change her future by not making the same mistakes she made in the past. But she finally realized her mistakes weren’t actually ones.

As Noemi Lovsky, the film maker, said in an interview: “Camille wanted an ever-lasting, unconditional love. So did the Camille in Alfred de Musset “On ne badine pas avec l’amour”. But that Camille was concentrated on her goal, and let the man of her life pass. So, she ended up alone.  So, the Camille in my movie learns at the end that the good things, people, love and friendship don’t last forever. But that’s not a bad news“.

I saw that movie with a friend of mine who got divorced recently. She met her ex-husband at our prom night in high school (the one where my heart was broken). Three months prior that night, her father passed away. So, she was really affected to see that movie. Because her life resembles a lot the one of the main character.

After the movie, we talked a little bit about that infamous prom night. We wondered if things would have been different if she didn’t yield to her ex-husband’s advances, and if I had the guts to be more honest with the one I held dear at that time. My friend didn’t regret her choice. She’s the mother of two adorable kids. And then, she asked me if I didn’t find it weird to know my high school sweetheart is now the father of a little kid. I told her I didn’t want to make my remake of the “Young adult” movie. Besides, I’m not attracted to him anymore. So, no, I don’t regret my decision either.

Life has still many things to offer us.


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