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A bad date at the restaurant


Last month, I went to a restaurant with a friend of mine I haven’t seen for a long time. Our table was really close to the next one, where there was a couple who barely spoke to each other.The man even started to listen to our conversation. They eventually left ten minutes later. My friend said she was glad they were gone, because she began to feel uncomfortable speaking to me as the man was listening to us.

Strangely enough, three weeks later, I found myself in the same awkward situation as the couple. My date for the evening barely spoke to me. He was too busy typing on his blackberry. And from time to time, he would try to be polite and talk to me. This wasn’t actually talks. He was complaining about his daughter, who never answers his messages. All his conversation revolved around that topic.

Next to our table, there was an old couple who seemed to enjoy their meal way better than my date and I. They were whispering things to each other and laughed a lot. I heard them talk about their last holidays together, where they had bad luck with the weather, but it made them laugh. And there is was: I received that night a lesson of life.

Lack of conversation at the restaurant is often  a sign of a relationship that is going nowhere. Sadly, it shows a huge problem of communication. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of the relationship. But it’s a big warning signal there’s a problem out there.

Going out to the restaurant with your significant other should be a quality moment. A restaurant is a place where you enjoy good food but share also some conversation. Those two elements go hand in hand to define a quality moment.

So, drop the cellphone. 😉 And make an effort for your look.


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