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Unfriend your ex on Facebook

Image from Obit Mag.

I’ve read recently an article about why it’s important to unfriend our ex on Facebook.

Facebook allows us to have a constant look on our ex’s life if he/she publishes a lot of news.  Around me, I’ve heard many stories of people who go ballistic whenever they see pictures of their ex with their new significant other. This has only one effect: make us feel miserable.  “Two weeks after we broke up, he changed his status into “in a relationship”. And one week later, he published pictures of him and his new girlfriend on holiday in Italy. I kept on looking at them and couldn’t help crying” said a friend of mine.

Another friend of mine gets suspicious every time her ex adds a new female friend on his profile. And of course, she keeps on going on her ex’s profile on Facebook. Needless to say, this doesn’t help her at all to move on.

Personally, I haven’t unfriend my ex’s on FB. Because there’s another option called:  Show in the news list. Just tick off that option and your ex will disappear from your Facebook page. This also applies for the friends you don’t want to know about (example: those who put thousands of images of their cats/ dogs,…). It’s a precious option less harmful that the unfriend button.

Besides, there’s another problem with Facebook: your own friends friend with your ex. Those who haven’t unfriended or unsubscribed your ex and who won’t hesitate to ask you questions like :”Did you know that your ex is in Poland right now?“. But generally, if you tell them not to bother you with that kind of questions, they will avoid to do this again.

I have also a friend of mine who posts pictures of him in every professional cocktail he’s invited to, where I can see one of my ex’s with his new significant other. So, I had to remove my friend from the news list too.  Yes, pruning that friend list can lead to make decisions like that.

A friend of mine has another solution: quit Facebook. “There’s the telephone, for godsake!” she said. “If I want to know how my friends are going, I just call them, or send them an email” she added.

Facebook and Twitter have those nasty properties to make us forget about the privacy in our life. And it’s addictive, unfortunately.  But it’s important to be careful about what you publish online.


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