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The modern Marquise of Merteuil

In France, a future trial is now fascinating all the medias, though the former Minister of Justice (pictured here) has insisted on her right for privacy.

The case involved her and the supposed father of her little daughter, a well known business man who used to be married to a rich heir who got paraplegic after a plane accident.

In 2008, when the news broke she was pregnant, there were curious statements coming from a former Spanish Prime Minister, a Minister of Sport, and another famous business man. They all denied they were the father of that unborn child.

When she gave birth to her little daughter, there was also something very peculiar at the maternity. Mrs Sarkozy (not Carla, but Nicolas’mother) paid a visit to the Minister at the maternity. She was accompanying her son (Nicolas’s brother) who also denied he was the father of that child.

Three years later, the news broke that woman was suing the “real” father of her child. At the time, he remained hidden from the media. His identity only came out now.

In an article, Dominique Desseigne is said to prove she was multiplying lovers at the time and to deny the paternity test. He’s prepared to fight hard. And so is she.

Obviously, she was the one who wanted to have a baby. While he wasn’t into it. Unfortunately, I know some examples like that, especially with women having an affair with a married man.  A friend of mine got trapped like that.

The sad thing in this story is the child. She will grow knowing about the battle between her biological parents, at the risk of feeling guilty of her existence.


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