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The one you run to

Just after his victory, Barack Obama posted this picture on his twitter account. It was taken in August, during his campaign. The day he got elected again,  his family was at his side during the ceremony. There was just emotion in the air.  No fuss, no drama.

In France, six months earlier, it was a different story with François Hollande when he got elected president.

France may be the land of drama like that. Even with Sarkozy, the election was full of drama. It was said his ex-wife didn’t vote on the D-Day. The day of the ceremony, she reluctantly attended it. And then she left him weeks later, for her lover.

With Hollande, it wasn’t better. Instead of taking his lover into his arms the D-Day, he went after Segolene Royal, his ex. Valerie Trierwieler was furious and asked him to kiss her in front of all the camera. Gosh, I would have felt humiliated if I were her.

But  this makes me wonder: is there someone we would naturally run to whenever we’re happy or sad? Does this mean this person is our soulmate?

I asked my friends those questions. For some, the answer was obvious. “My man” one of them said. “My wife” another one said.

For some other, the answer was difficult to find. One of them eventually admitted she would not run to her man, but another one who was really hold dear. “He’s my best friend. But I could never have him” she told me. She used to be his classmate, and was secretly in love with him. Once, she told him about her feelings after a drunken night. But he replied to her he loved her too much to lose her like that, and asked her to remain his BFF. Since then, they remained close. She started to date another man, while he had a heavy turnover of women.

Another one told me she didn’t find a good answer to my questions. “I don’t share that much my joy and my fears” she said. “I just have a hard time sharing my feelings with others” she added.

As time goes by, I wonder if these answers come more easily. After all, after a certain age, some people decide to stop lying about themselves. Or define their priorities in life.

But I guess, when you’re able to say who you would run to, that says it all.


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