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Teenagers, fragile to love

When you listen to people who work closely with teenagers, some of them tell you that they take love very seriously, at the risk of being desperate and suicidal when there’s a break-up.

Is this a new phenomenom? No.

When we fall in love, we put ourselves at risk. I can tell you that I did suffer too after the man I love said  we needed to be friends. All my friends were worried for me after the break up. They kept close to me because they were afraid I would commit suicide. I must admit I was a bit suicidal after this. But there was something that kept me going on: my friends.

Yet, most teenagers do take love seriously in my country. They see love as a way to mend everything that is wrong in their life. That’s why when it’s over, it’s almost the end of the world. It just show how unexperienced they are when it comes to love.  When they grow up, they will learn to be more careful with their heart. Everyone does do after bad experiences.

Then, why the suicide among teenagers? This hasn’t got much to do with love. At that age, the music in our head isn’t really tuned. We can feel a lot of contradictory feelings. And the spleen teenagers go through has been told by many many great writers, like RImbaud. When I was in high school, some of my classmates attempted to commit suicide. Some because they were heart broken. Some because they were just fragile. None of them succeeded in their attempt. And for most of them, they are married and have children now, with a good job.

The first time love urges us to take its guidance is important though. Nobody forgets about it. I’ve never forgotten about my first love. But with time, and the help of those who care for you, the pain of a broken heart disappear.


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