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The break up before Christmas

According to David MacCandless, a data journalist from the Daily Mail, couples are most likely to break up 2 weeks before Christmas. This is based on an analysis of 10.000 Facebook status updates.

Of course, one might wonder why the period around Christmas is concentrating so many break up. This is also the case for Spring break. But as MacCandless joked in his TED speech, this is a clearing period in the year.

For Christmas, there’s no rational explanation. At this time of the year, people suffer a lot from the lack of lights and are a bit depressed. This may influence a lot our choice, but it’s not the sole factor of break up.

Among my friends, I realized the period around Christmas raises a lot of questions. The main questions people ask around here is where they are going to spend Christmas, and how. A friend of mine told me this year, she won’t make a visit to her father and her mother. She has been loathing this issue for the last two months now. But she only took her decision now.

So, if you have broken up around this period of the year, feel free to explain why below.


4 thoughts on “The break up before Christmas

  1. An interesting post!
    As for the Christmas-conundrum…
    Perhaps people just become witness to all the red nosed and snotty victims of the common cold and realise what they’re missing? 😉
    Noo, it seems a bit crazy to me! :’)
    Haha 🙂

  2. My marriage ended in the Summer. However, my boyfriend of 6 months and I just had our first “fight” a few nights ago. It wasn’t terrible – but I worry about it given how close it is to Christmas. I know he gets blue this time of year, so I’ve been told, and tends to turn inward, but I have a tendency to take things personal and get upset about them even though they weren’t about me to begin with. Guilty as charged.

  3. Alyssa, don’t feel guilty about it. Guilt makes you react in awkward ways and it can really do some damages to your relationship. Instead, try to do something you both like. That’ll cheer you both.

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