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The place next to him in society

To accompany your significant other to the party organized by his firm every year has something daunting, especially if it’s a big company where you barely know anyone.

With my ex, every year, I had to accompany him to the Christmas Party his firm organized. And I didn’t enjoy that much those evenings. But luckily, his firm was kind enough to invite a comedian during those nights to entertain us.

Usually, we used to sit at the same table than my ex’s favorite coworkers. But they mostly talked about their job, while their wives were patiently waiting next to them, with not much of conversation. Obviously, they were as happy as I was to be there…

A friend of mine also loathes her man’s New Year work party. “I don’t like his coworkers’wives. None of them is kind. But luckily, my man sticks by my side during those evenings. He doesn’t particularly enjoy his coworkers’ company  either. So we’re equal. Besides, he prefers going to my new year work party. One of my coworkers shares with him the same passion for golf. So, they spend the night talking about their tournaments”  she said.

Another friend of mine told me her experience too in this kind of situation. “My husband spends the night away from me, chatting with everyone. Usually, I sit alone at the table, looking at the other wives present. And from time to time, we chat about our kids, our house, our holidays or the last movie we saw, but I don’t really like them” she admitted.

But what if your significant other likes to show off during those nights?

“My ex was such an asshole during those parties. He wanted me to be at my best, criticizing every of my choice when it came to the dress I would wear or the make-up and hair. He wanted me to drink modestly.  He also told me to be particularly friendly with his boss’s wife, and to avoid speaking to his rival in the company who competed for the same post than he was. And during the night, while I was patiently listening to his boss’s wife problem because she knew I was a psychologist, I was watching my ex flirting with his female coworkers. Usually, at the end of the night, we used to have a huge argument in the car about his behaviors” one of my friends said.

Or worse?

He had a very attractive coworker he stuck like glue during those nights. I watched them laughing, whispering into each other’s ear, talking about their various experiences at work. It was as if I didn’t exist.” one of my friends once told me.

And there are special cases.

My ex was famous. Every time he was invited to a cocktail party, people would flock around him, and I was left on my own”, H.,34, said.

So, how do you cope in those Christmas/ New Year Parties?


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