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Where not to find men

Now 2013 is there, some of us who are still single are determined to find a significant other. Some people, disappointed by online dating, turn to events organized for single people. But usually, they grow disappointed by this too.

Recently, a friend of mine told me about her disappointing experience with speed dating. “We were ten women, there were only four men. None of them were attractive nor funny. At the end of the evening, all the women there were asking where were the real men” she said, adding that no one found her match during this date.

This is not the first time I heard this kind of story.

Another friend of mine told me her mom’s experience, also similar. She wanted to go hiking with a group of single people, in hope of finding someone who will share the same passion. But when she arrived at the start of her destination, there were a group full of women. The only man there was their guide. She didn’t expect that at all.

And then I saw a New Year Party on TV where among the forty people attending the dinner, only four men were counted. All the women seemed disappointed.

I wonder if the organizers of such meetings really care about having the right balance between men and women.

Not all organizers are like that. Most dating sites have understood the need of single people to be attracted physically by someone else, without the lie. Because it’s easy to put a flattering picture of ourselves on our profile. Even if it dates back from the 1990’s…

But even there, there are disappointments. One of my friends ended up going to a party organized by a dating site where she was among men of 50-60 years old (she’s 30) . Yes, there were men, but old enough to be her dad.

So, how to avoid getting trapped like that?

Read forums, ask your single friends about their personal experiences. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee you will find the right person easily. But sometimes, it works.


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