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Men who have their way with women

In my newsroom, several male journalists have a really bad reputation with women. Yet, they still manage to score with some of my female coworkers.

At our last Christmas party, I noticed one of my womanizer coworkers following everywhere our new web designer. She was hired last year and since then, he has managed to get closer to her, by accompanying her to concerts and plays, with her group of coworkers. One of them admitted to me, during our Christmas party, she was sleeping with him. Despite the fact he was already in another relationship.

My male coworker isn’t handsome. And he smells trouble. He left my newsroom twelve years ago after he got busted by his ex-wife for cheating on her with the receptionist of our company. His ex came into a fury in our newsroom and threw away all of his belongings. He got fired from all the jobs he took after until my chief editor had pity on him and asked him to come back to our newsroom.

Since then, he has tried to hit with every new female journalist in my newsroom. He doesn’t try with the others, who know his habits. Except my chief editor. He’s always trying to sit next to her whenever we have our annual dinner. And when he’s drunk (most of the time), he tries to hit with her, much to her dismay. This is why she remains distant with him.

But for a reason I don’t understand, he managed to score with our new web designer. Who’s beautiful. And way younger than him.

Some men, who aren’t particularly rich, or handsome, do have their way with women. It’s just than they know what to say to make a woman react, or even what to do. Since we don’t know in advance we’re in front of a womanizer, it’s important to be extra careful with this kind of people. The only way to ensure he’s really into you is to make him wait before sleeping with him. And wait a lot of time. Not only, it’s the best way to know about his real intentions. But it also gives you the time to know him a little bit better, and to know essential things about him like his marital status, his habits,…

As for my web designer, I just hope she will come to her senses quickly. She deserves much more than him.



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