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The boyfriend material

One of my friends recently told me she was about to get hospitalized. She said her mom will come to her place to fetch her at the hospital when her surgery will be over. And added her mom offered her to stay at her place for a little while so she could take care of her.

I didn’t ask her why her boyfriend offered her the same treatment. It’s been eight months they’ve been  dating now, and they even went on holidays twice together. But here, he’s noticeably missing in the picture.

Another friend of mine, who underwent the same surgery two years ago, told me her man took good care of her after the hospital. Even though they have a difficult relationship, where they fight all of the time, he was there for her when she needed it. He came to fetch her at the hospital, and he cooked for her, washed her laundry, drove her to her parents when she needed it because she was too numb after the surgery for a while,…

My friend who’s about to get hospitalized has told me several times she doesn’t expect much from men in general. “My father wasn’t that affectionate with my mother. He never offered her flowers” she once said.

But what should we expect from our significant other?

I think we should know about what to expect from our significant other. If he’s never there when you need it, forgets all the time to wish you a happy birthday, and doesn’t respect you at all (for example, by criticizing all of your choices), then, it’s the sign he doesn’t care about you at all.

As for my friend, I just hope her boyfriend will show at her place despite her mother’s presence and stay by her side.


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