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It’s just a Facebook conversation

Two weeks ago, while I was about to jump in my train in Paris to go back to Brussels, I made a check-in on Facebook. I don’t usually do that. But each time I travel, my family wants to know where I am, so I use this check-in just for them.

I didn’t expect any comment on that check-in. But two minutes later, one of my Facebook friends left a  comment saying he was at the same place than I. It’s been fifteen years we haven’t spoken to each other. But there, he left a message as if we were close. And we chatted a bit after that, but there was nothing special.

To be fair, he has been liking a lot of my Facebook status lately, so I started to wonder if he was trying to come back into my life. So, I asked my friends if I should contact him, and they all replied I should, because at least, I would know what he was doing.

So, I left him a small message, asking him how he was, and if he would accept to have a drink with me.

It’s been two days now. And he didn’t reply. I guess he’s not interested.


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