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Are all long distance relationships ill fated?

One tweet I read recently said this:

It said: “one day, I will be smart enough to avoid getting attached to a person who lives 800 km away from me”

Long distance relationships are complicated, fragile, and most of them don’t pass the test of the distance.

Yet, for a reason, we can’t help falling in love and getting attached to someone who lives very far away from us. More and more of us travel a lot abroad now, so the probability we meet someone who doesn’t come from the same country is getting higher.

When I was in New York last year, I met a Brazilian journalist who quickly became my friend. When I told her where I came from, she smiled and said her boyfriend was also living in the same country than I.

They met in Prague, when both of them were on holidays, but separately. She told me she took a cocktail tour and that’s how they met. She offered him to join her the next day to visit museums, and then, they began a relationship.

It’s been three years now they are together. But she told me they don’t see each other that much. As a journalist like me, she’s often taken by her job and sent everywhere around the globe. In addition to that, her boyfriend doesn’t like going to Sao Paulo where she lives. Because he hates big cities. So, the option of him leaving my country to live in Brazil is closed.

As for her, I know she will have a lot to lose if she leaves her job in Brazil to come in my country. So, I really don’t know how their relationship will go. But I guess for my friend, this is satisfying right now. Like me, she got out of a long term relationship three years ago. Her long distance relationship is her rebound relationship.

Another friend of mine has more chance with her long term relationship. Because her boyfriend moved in our country thanks to a job opportunity. It’s been five years they were living apart from each other. And every time they could, they would travel to meet each other. But she told me she missed him a lot each time they had to go back to their own country.