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Jealous of his daughter

When you fall in love with someone who already has kids, chances are you will always come after them. But love, true love, should be able to include all the ones you really care about. And the one you love should be able to make a clear distinction between you and his kids.

But sometimes, things aren’t so simple. For example, a friend of mine met a man she really loves four years ago. But because of their busy schedules, they don’t see each other that much. And her man has a daughter he barely sees, so whenever it’s possible, he tries to spend some quality time with his kid.

Since she knows him, she’s been a little jealous of his daughter. Because her man tries to compensate the period where he wasn’t there at all for his kid. His only kid. Unfortunately for my friend, her man has just realized this when their relationship started. “And sometimes, I feel he’s way too close to her, closer than me” she admitted. “He always offers her gifts, while he forgot my birthday. He calls her several times a day, while he doesn’t spend much time on the phone with me. And I’m a little bit jealous of the activities he does with her, because he travels with her to marvelous places, while he only takes me to his private retreat. He always tells her he loves her, while with me, it’s not really the case” she added. As a result, her relationship with his daughter is really difficult. And the child, who will be a teenager really soon, doesn’t like much my friend too.

My friend tried to talk about her feelings with her man, but he got offended the last time she spoke about this. And my friend is thinking about leaving her man, because she doesn’t feel loved enough.

If you don’t feel at all like a priority in his life ( I don’t say you have to be his main priority), I believe it’s not worth staying in this relationship. Frustration is the worst feeling I think.

But this situation may be temporary, and if your significant other really shows you affection, you shouldn’t leave like that.



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