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When there’s no place for love

A friend of mine, who’s a lawyer, got dumped by her man because he’s marrying a woman coming from a  very wealthy family. My friend doesn’t come from a modest background, though, but she can’t compete with the other woman whose father owns several companies. Of course, my friend is devastated. And despite her ex chose the other woman, he keeps on contacting my friend to apologize to her. He wants her to stay in his life despite his choice. My friend has changed her phone number since then and tried to avoid the place where she can meet him in town.

He said he would marry me” says my friend. “He always said I was the best person he’s ever met. So I don’t understand why he picked that woman, apart for the money and the career” she added.

I guess it’s a question of values here. It’s only in fairy tales movies that a guy torn between two women, one rich and the other not so, picks the second option. In real life, this never happens.

One of my ex’s is a bit like my friend’s ex. He has always dated women coming from very high social circles. I was a bit of an accident. Or maybe not so. Because he used all I know to become very popular.

These guys don’t really love. They’re just using the people around them.

How do we avoid such douchebags?

I guess we should pay attention to little details early in the relationship, like if he’s telling you how to behave, how to dress in public, who you should make friends with…  My ex was like that.

If you feel diminished when you’re next to him, this should be a huge warning signal.

I would love to tell you about a happy ending in those stories. But so far, my friend is still mourning her disastrous experience, while her ex is about to get married. And as for me, well, I’ve had some success professionally. But my ex is now thinking about becoming the next Exchequer in my country.


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