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Behind the Boël scandal

In my country, our King has been the subject of many articles recently because he will probably retire soon, but also, because his “love child”, Delphine Boël, is asking for a DNA paternity test to prove she’s his child.

Her mom, Sybille de Selys Longchamp, even broke her silence to defend her daughter. She gave an interview to four medias, two newspapers and two TV news, to tell about her affair with the King, which lasted 18 years. She said the King was on the verge of divorcing his wife for her. But it never happened, because the baroness didn’t agree with the terms of the divorce.

No King in my county has ever divorced before. And the protocol was strict, so the baroness could never speak to the descendents of the throne.

As of today, Delphine Boël isn’t invited to Royal events. She’s not allowed to. She’s treated like every citizen in my country. No one has the right to talk to the Royal family unless the Royal family invites you to talk to them.

There’s only one member of the Royal family who dares to speak to her: the Prince Laurent. Under Baudouin Ist, the king’s brother who died 20 years ago of a cancer, the law was changed to avoid having Laurent inheriting the throne, because the prince has been the subject of many scandals in my country.

Every child born out of wedlock and not recognized by his/her biological father suffers from the lack of recognition. Because we all need to know where we come from and we all need to relate to our family.

I don’t know how this will turn out.


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