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An affair at work

In my newsroom, despite the small team we are, many of my coworkers have had or are in a relationship with each other. We count three official couples, two who divorced, and some illegitimate.

Last evening, I ended my day late, and when I walked by to my car in the parking lot, I saw a car parked very far away despite the emptiness of the spot. My car wasn’t far from it. When I approach it, the other car started to move, but I could see clearly there were two of my coworkers, male and female, in it.

Both are married with other people and are parents. But they spend an awful amount of time together at work, and she relies a lot on him for doing her interviews. Besides, whenever I try to talk to them when they are busy with a conversation, I always feel I’m disturbing them.

Maybe I’m wrong. But one of my other coworkers used to spend an awful amount of time with another coworker of mine like that. They would disappear together on lunch time, and whenever they stayed late in the newsroom, they would spend their time together. Then, two years ago, they stopped being so close. And she became bitter. She’s been mean to everyone in the newsroom since then.

And another real couple in my newsroom took us by surprise. They did their best not be be seen with each other, until one day, when they told everyone they were together. Because she was pregnant. With their child.

Most of the couples in my newsroom formed while they were still in a relationship with other people. There must be something linking us all.

One of my friends, who works for a politician, told me there were also a lot of affairs like that in her office. “I guess it’s common for people who work long hours, even during the weekends, on difficult cases, in small teams, to get into such affairs” she says.

Maybe she’s right.


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