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What are his ex’s telling about him

Everybody has a past when we reach a certain age. That includes a previous love life.

When we date someone, it’s difficult not to know about the ex’s he/she dated, especially if there are children involved in the previous relationship.

And when it comes to our love life, it seems we keep on making the same mistake when we pick our love interest.

My friends always tell me I only date unavailable guys. It’s true that most of the men  I fell in love share the common feature of never making me as their priority. And as a result, I’m always the one running after them. It should be the other way around.

The last one I date was no exception to that. We lived in different towns and a different country. I was the one who travelled the most to see him, while he said he was too busy to come and visit me in my country.

But he was very clear with me at the beginning of our relationship: all her ex’s said he was too selfish and worked too much.

Another one I had said to me :”Generally, I’m very caring at the beginning of a relationship, and then, they all say I’m getting distant“. But I knew the reason why he left me was because I don’t belong to his world. All his ex-wives share the common point of coming from a wealthy family with large networks. This is not my case, as I come from a very modest hard working family.

So, yes, our ex’s can tell a lot about ourselves.

But I don’t understand why we keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again in our love life.


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