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Those women who stalk men

Today, my professional mailbox was inundated with this news: a former NYU professor has been arrested since monday and is facing a one year jail sentence after stalking a well know economist who appears in the documentary “Inside Job“.

It seems she has been long infatuated with this man. As one of my friends says, some women go crazy for intelligent men. As a professor, he’s often solicited by all kind of women, ranging from his female students, to the women he meets in seminars. And unfortunately for him, one of them is now stalking him. He’s currently trying to get her condemned for harassing him.

Most of these women are not stupid. The Buiter’s stalker is a PhD in economics. My friend’s stalker got a MBA from a prestigious university.

Yet, for a reason, they just lose their mind over the guy, the alpha male, as they say. They don’t search for love. It’s not love here, it’s madness. We want to avoid hurting the person we love. And we would accept to let him/her go away.

My friend didn’t see his stalker coming. He says she contacted him because she had a research to do and he agreed to meet her for a coffee. And then, she started to send him numerous SMS (also raunchy) and tried to get into contact with his daughter and his two ex-wives. My friend is scared, and a bit lost. He doesn’t understand why this is happening to him. I just told him to get her condemned by a tribunal.

I guess Willem Buiter didn’t see his stalker coming too. After all, who would suspect a respected professor who just wants to write a thesis?

But it this happens to you, don’t hesitate to call the police and go to justice.


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