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Dating a star

One of my friends, who’s also a journalist, recently met at a party a famous news anchor. She told me they spent the night talking to each other, but then, he asked her if she could become his sex friend. “Just like that” she said.

My friend refused his proposal. But since then, he’s been pursuing her and tried to invite her to every party he’s hosting.

The problem is: he doesn’t want to accompany my friend to her events. He’s constantly telling her it’s boring. While his parties are so much better, as he said.

So far, my friend has been refusing all his invites. But I find it curious he keeps on inviting her. And I’m a bit worried for her, as she seems hesitating to yield to his” advances”. Because so far, he’s not really making an effort to win her.

If he really cares about her, no matter his social status, he should follow her to her events, which are not so boring by the way.

But in the marvelous world of journalism, there’s a different reality for the journalists who work for the TV than for the print newspaper, especially the ones specialized in Business and finance like my publication.

Those who work for TV are stars. I’m not one. My friend’s not really a star either.

When I was younger, I used to work for that TV and I remember how i didn’t like very much the journalists working there, because they didn’t give a damn about me or the other assistants in the newsroom. Few were really genuinely kind with me and the other.

But now, as a journalist, I know how closed are the newsrooms for newcomers. Even my newsroom is like that. You’ve got to have skin in the game and build your career on your own. Nobody will ever help you. So, as we evolve in this environment, everyone is building a shell to protect themselves. And some of us even create a flamboyant character and get used to that.

My friend’s pretender used to be a very quiet and shy man. One of my friends used to study in the same college than he, and he told me he wasn’t very much expansive. Years later, my friend’s pretender is now a very narcissistic person who seems to have a problem with alcohol.

So, he doesn’t seem to be the dreamboat my friend deserves.


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