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The cheating liar

The only way to avoid players in the dating games is to wait before having sex. If he’s only interested in sleeping with you, this is the best way to make him leave you alone.

Yet, some players do resist to that test. Unfortunately.

I had an unfortunate experience like that. He had the patience to wait for two months. Yet, that didn’t discourage him. And I discovered he was seeing other women, that’s why he could wait for me. How did I discover that? Well, at his place, there were obvious signs another woman also slept there. Once, he pulled out of his tumble-dryer a cotton disk with mascara on it, among his clothes. Of course, this wasn’t mine, as at that time, I had a severe skin allergy for which I was forbidden to wear any perfume or make-up.

Also, once, he invited me attend a seminar with him. But when I arrived there, he was already sitting next to another woman, who was his secretary. After the seminar, he didn’t introduce me to her. It was her who asked him to introduce her to me.  He left her to go with me to the restaurant. But in the middle of our dinner, he received a phone call from her, panicking because she couldn’t find her car in the parking lot. So, he offered her to join us at the restaurant. And then, she became really aggressive with me, while trying to get into a closed conversation with him. She could have called her husband or her son that night. 

He also went to gala dinners with his ex-wife, while never inviting me, while we were together. 

And I discovered once, because of a mistake he made, he sent the same SMS to me and to four other numbers, obviously all women. 

Of course, he never introduced me to his friends or his family. I was just one among the heavy turnover of women he had. But he never admitted this to me. Instead, he made me believe we were exclusive to each other.  And each time  I grew a little bit suspicious on him, he would justify himself by trying to switch the subject or turning the accusation on me. 

I’ve always wondered if he, or all the cheating liars, realizes the pain he could cause to the woman he lies to. But I guess they don’t feel any empathy. 

In the news, there are countless examples of cheating liars, the last to be would be Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger. These are professional liars, they don’t just lie to their wife.

So, if you fall into the trap of a cheating liar, don’t feel guilty. He’s not lying only to you. He’s lying to himself too. Inside of him, there’s a little man, who doesn’t love himself, and who lies to feel better. He will never love you. Because he will never love himself. 

Staying in a relationship where you are constantly lied to would weigh on you. And you will eventually begin to question everything he/she says to you.


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