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Caught red-handed by social medias

In my country, the deputy city mayor of a town I don’t want to mention got caught in the middle of a sexual act by two young people who filmed the scene and then published it on Facebook.

The video went viral and caught the attention of several newspapers who put the video on their website with many details about the politician. Even my newspaper (a blog related to it) took the information but didn’t put the video. I’m a little bit ashamed of this. They shouldn’t have mentioned this.

Today, it’s easy to be caught like that. Most of us have a smartphone and are registered to social medias (either Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, …). And among young people, some are tempted to film other people in a peculiar situation. It’s an evolution of our society, where the medias are getting more and more into the details of our private life.

I don’t know what will happen to this politician after this. Unfortunately for her, another city mayor got caught like that last year while she was abroad on vacation. And she lost the elections the next year to the conservative party candidate. I don’t know though if this explains why she lost. But it certainly played a role.

Besides, you don’t have to be caught doing the sexy to put your professional life in danger like that.

A famous weatherman in my country got caught insulting an automobilist at a crossroad. He went into a racist rant, but someone in the street filmed the scene. The next morning, he was fired from his job at his TV station.

To avoid ending up in such a situation like that, it’s best to watch your back when you’re in public.

But in the case of the deputy city mayor, she got caught in her city hall, which was deserted at the time. The two young people had nothing to do there. They claimed they saw a light in the building and went to see what was going on.

And nothing save your private life more than a close door 😉



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