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The date catastrophe

date_0First dates are never easy, especially if it’s a blind date. Even if you exchanged a lot of emails on dating sites with your future date, your first date in real life can be really disappointing.

Recently, I had a bad date again with a guy who seemed absolutely charming on internet. He was funny, witty, and seemed caring on internet. When I met him on our date, I found a very cold person who didn’t talk much and let me do the conversation. I asked him a lot of questions about himself, but he didn’t ask me any. I tried to be funny, but he didn’t laugh. And instead of inviting me for a drink, he proposed we went for a walk in the park , even if it was cold outside and I was starting to get sick. When we sat on a bench, he sat very far from me, and had his arms closed all of the time.

I guess he wasn’t attracted at all by me.

After one hour and an half of painful conversation, he decided to move back to where we came from. On our way back, we didn’t say a thing. I kissed him goodbye and went back to my car, without looking back at him. I knew it was useless.

Of course, he didn’t call or write me a message to thank me for the evening nor asking me if we could see each other again.

And when I think about it, I told myself I would have preferred if he didn’t come to our date at all.

Before our first date, he told me he would wait for me for half an hour and leave after if I didn’t show myself, and joked he would be sitting at the bar so if I see him and found him repelling, I could just run away.

But on the D-date, we arrived at the same time. And to be fair, he was quite handsome, so I had no reason to go away.

I had other dates where my date was not handsome at all. And I didn’t run away either. And some were rude to me. That made me run away.

One of them let me pay the bill. For all of us.  Another one decided to stop talking in French in the middle of the conversation. And another one was fine, until at the end of the date, he let me open the heavy door and laughed I couldn’t open it.  Just before me, a woman also tried to open the door, and failed, but her man came to the rescue and kissed her. My date didn’t offer any help.

What is your worst first date?


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