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Leaving for another man


Recently, a friend of mine called me because he wanted to talk. His long term partner left him for her boss. My friend told me he felt powerless. But as a man, I bet he would be soon in another relationship, a rebound one.

Some women choose to leave their man for another one who’s been pursuing them. I don’t believe people would leave the comfort of their relationship for someone who doesn’t give a damn about us.

Most of the time, women leave for their lover.

Yet, it’s never easy for those who leave their relationship for a new one. Because we can feel extremely guilty about it.

It’s particularly complicated if there are kids involved. A friend of mine told me her two sons started reacting very strange when she left their father for another man. Her two kids saw their dad devastated and didn’t understand what was going on. Plus, the two kids didn’t like their mom’s new boyfriend at the beginning of their relationship, because as they told my friend “he stole you away from daddy“.

The man you leave your relationship for plays an important role here. If he’s the right person, he will try his best to make it easy for you.

That’s why some couples who form on the ashes of a previous relationship can be strong.

But sometimes, things don’t turn the way you expect it. Love makes us blind. And at the beginning of a relationship, we don’t necessarily see the real nature of the object of our affection. This is why some women wait for years with their lovers before they decide to leave their husband.

By rushing the relationship, we face the risk of being very disappointed if the man we fall in love turns out to be a cheating liar or an emotionally-unavailable man.

This is what I did. I left a long term relationship for another man, who turned out to be a cheating liar.

On the other hand, a friend of mine left her abusive relationship for another man she met in a seminar. She didn’t know him very well before jumping into this relationship, but for her, it was the right decision.


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