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The tragic college initiation rite

Masonic-initiationIn my country, a sad news has hit again the colleges community. A woman who did her college initiation rite is in the coma right now, after refusing to quit when she complained she couldn’t handle drinking water anymore, as she didn’t want to drink beer like the rest  of the group.

I thought that in 2013, those initiation rites were on their path to death in my country. Because in the late 90’s, when I was in College, their success was already fading. My university has just passed rules that didn’t allow the presence of initiation rites leaders in the auditoriums. Before that, they used to come after the first lesson in the year in the room and forced all the students to participate to their rites.

I didn’t want to do that, so I was glad I was given the choice to do this or not. I chose the latter. But most of my friends chose to do their initiation rites, to be part of a group.

My former BFF chose to do so. Like my ex at the time. And some of my roommates. Usually, they all came back from their “activities” very drunk and sometimes physically hurt. I remember I spent my time holding my former BFF’s head when he was trying to throw up and taking care of his injuries.

My ex ended up leaving me during this period for a woman he met in his rite group.

But once, I got involved in a party where most of the leaders in my BFF’s rite were present. I was very drunk at the time, and most of them tried to hit on me. But my BFF each time intervened and told them to get away from me. At the risk of getting excluded of his group.

As for my female friends, there was another problem. As they were drunk most of the time during their rites, they were the targets of men who just wanted to get laid without obstacles with them. One of my friends woke up several times in a room she didn’t remember the night before.

One of my male roommates at the time told me that in his group, there was a girl who usually got very drunk at the end of their rite activities. All the men in his group slept with her while she was drunk. And he did too. I was horrified when he told me this, because there seemed to have pride in his voice when he said that.  I bet the woman felt like shit the morning after.

Luckily for her, she didn’t sleep with a dangerous man. But we get very vulnerable in such situations.

Did you have an initiation rite?



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