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The sideline of love

P1020557A little while ago, I used a wrong ticket to jump into my train to London. In fact, the good one was also in my bag, but I used an old one because it was very early in the morning and I wasn’t well awake.

In my car, I was surprised there were only three people. There was a woman sitting next to me. When the train left the station, a man came into our car and asked if I could sit elsewhere, as there were plenty of seats available. I seated three rows behind them. But I could hear them laughing and whispering things to each other. When we arrived in London, they got out together of the train and he held her hand. As if they waited to be in another country to be together.

Many illegitimate couples go in places where they can’t be recognized. We had the best example in my country when this woman (on the picture) explained on TV the long affair she had with our former king.

But this is a life of secrets. And you only live on the sideline of love.

These secret relationships get even more difficult when one of the two people is famous, like in the example of our former king.

One of my friends has an affair with a man who regularly appears on TV and other medias. She told me  whenever they travel together, they don’t stand next to each other at the airport or the train station. They don’t seat next to each other in the plane or in the train. They even take a separate taxi to get to their final destination. She said it hasn’t always been like that. It’s been five years they’ve been seeing each other in secret. But at the beginning of their relationship, he wasn’t that known. So they used to travel together. Now, it’s different.

He asked her to be more careful recently, because he heard people spreading rumors (…) about them.

One thing I learned in my profession, as a journalist, is that the truth always comes out, at some point. Eventually, like in the case of our former king, this affair will come into the light.

In 2008, our late prime minister married one of his former minister. He was already sick at the time, but he chose to marry her. Until then, they had denied they had an affair for years.

So, for my friend, even if they try to be careful not to be seen in public together, unless she breaks up with him, their affair will eventually come into light. Knowing her, I know she wouldn’t mind.


One thought on “The sideline of love

  1. An added detriment to being so secretive is that it can put an unnecessary strain on the relationship. But you are correct, the truth always comes out at some point or another.

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