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The ticket for a better life

In the movie “Tout ce qui brille”, the two principal characters played by Geraldine Nakache and Leila Bekhti dream of a better life outside their suburbs. So they often escape to Paris, to attend parties and a world they don’t belong to.

Today, as you go to Paris, you can see many young women coming from the outskirts of the city hoping to find someone to change their life. Life is tough in the suburbs of Paris. In France, poverty has been pushed back outside the limit of the cities.

Some girls will try to count on their intelligence and their work to be admitted in a prestigious school. Some other will try a different road and know that sex is sometime useful to get what they want.

But counting on the opposite sex to scale the social ladder is a sword with a double trenchant. Because he will always need some form of pay back.

Plus, if you count on him to get invitations to it parties or professional meetings useful for your career, this is only temporary. Because once it’s over, you won’t receive these invitations anymore. Unfortunately, when we divorce or split with our significant partner, we also lose our social status.

But there are various forms of manipulation of the opposite sex. Because let’s say it, this is manipulation.

Recently, a French writer, who’s also a lawyer, wrote a book about her relationship with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former director of the International Monetary Fund, an economist who has a thing for prostitutes and is not really loved in his country. She didn’t mention his name in the book, only referring to him as a pig. But when the book was published, every single media in France immediately related her to DSK. So, everyone knew this book was about their relationship.

Before this episode, I didn’t know about her. She gained maximum publicity thanks to her book, and thanks to DSK’s fame.

When I was in College, I knew a girl who used to sleep for good grades. Later, in her professional life, she also used her charms to get into the marvelous world of journalism. Only to end up in a political party and get fired because of a tweet mocking the pilgrims of Santiago de compostela after the horrible train accident.

These are the examples for those who want fame, but there are also those who chase money. In that case, the line with prostitution is very thin, I think.

But it also says a lot about who control the money on this planet, unfortunately.