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Good riddance

According to statistics, the weeks just before Christmas see most couples to break up. I had a very recent example of that. Three days before Christmas, one of my friends’ mother lost her mind and flew away the country. My friend was left with her father and her two sisters organizing their Christmas dinner, which was nothing but sadness as she told me.  Her mom came back two days ago, and she asked for a divorce.

As the year ends, people often ponder about what went wrong in their life and what they want to change for the next year. In New York, on Time Square, there’s a box where you can drop a letter mentioning the thing you want to get rid off.

For some people, the wish is to get rid of their loneliness. But some also choose to get rid off a relationship.

We can get rid off a friend or a lover because he/she’s not treating us well. After all, true friendship and love should make you happy. If you feel miserable all of the time, it’s not worth pursuing the relationship.

The lover who’s never there, bring you down when you tell him/her about the difficult day you had, receive all your attentions but never reciprocate, get violent with you, criticize all of your choices,… isn’t worth your love.

The same goes with your friends.

So, I wish you a happy New Year. And a fresh start.


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