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Encounter with escort

Today, as I was discussing with one of my contacts in a bar of a prestigious hotel in my town, we saw a young woman entering the room. Alone.

Usually, the people who come here are quite old. I’m often invited there by my professional contacts and I’m probably the only young woman standing there. But several people have told me that later in the day, you can see young women coming here. Although this place isn’t really hype for young people.

They’re escort girls” my contact told me.

Before we entered the room, a woman shouted at my contact. She was an old lady, very chic, wearing fur, and lots of jewelry. She was also carrying a leather agenda, very big. She told my contact she had an appointment with one of her clients, a well known artist. She’s his accountant.

Yet, my contact told me she has another activity. “She finds women for wealthy men” he said.

Once, I had an appointment with one of my friends here, and she was also there. She was sitting in a  corner of the room, a little bit hidden from the rest of the customers here. There were five other women with her, all very young compared to her” he told me. “One by one, I saw them leaving the table, with an older man” he added.

He told me several of his professional acquaintances have already used her services. “Some of them were looking for black women as they told me they wanted someone who would do everything they wanted” he added.

“I know you’re not that kind of woman” he said. Of course, I’m not!

I’ve known him for five years now. I know he’s not able to pay for having sex either.

Yet, it was a little bit awkward.


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