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Beyond the Gayet-Hollande scandal

In France, the president François Hollande is in the middle of a scandal because he got caught by a people magazine outside his lover’s apartment on New Year Day. Funny detail, the address of this apartment is the rue du Cirque ( Circus street) in Paris. As if his mandate is a circus…

The reactions around me were different around men and women. Some of my female friends shrugged their shoulders and said all the men are the same, while my male friends said that women were all attracted by power, because let’s said it, François Hollande is not Brad Pitt.

Well, most men are not Brad Pitt. I heard many times my male friends complaining they’re not Brad Pitt.  Yet, they managed to catch a super awesome woman just because they were nice, fun, and caring for them.

Looking from Hollande’s gesture (he was bringing his mistress croissants on New Year’s day), he seems to fall into the same category as my male friends. Except that he’s the French president.

I bet Julie Gayet, the first time she met him, thought he wasn’t attractive at all.

I can tell you that, because the first time I met B., I thought he looked ridiculous with his loden coat and his big handbag. I was even scared about his power. And I thought he would never get interested in an ordinary woman like me.

But B. had a wow factor. He would defend me whenever I had an argument with people in a debate. He would always try to make me laugh and tell me to take things more lightly. He would also make me feel as if I was his equal.

And we may have the best example of this with Michelle and Barack Obama. She said she didn’t even look at him when she met him for the first time. He had to win her over.

So, probably, this is how François Hollande got into this scandal.

I hate to say it, but his actual official lover, who’s now in hospital, wasn’t the love of his life as he mentioned it before. If she was the love of his life, he would have run to her when he got elected. Instead, he tried to reach for his ex-wife, who was standing not far away for his lover on that day.

The person we run to whenever we want to share something small or important is our soul mate. We may have many friends, but we always run to a very small circle of people, and sometimes, this circle boils down to just one person.

We all know that because we know this person is the only one who can fully understand us.

But the quest to find that person is sometimes very long. And we might not see the obvious signs right away.

So, when François Hollande promised to the French people he would be a “normal president”, he would probably mean he would be a normal man, sometimes fooled over. Like many of us.