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Love after a drunken night

Recently, during my Christmas dinner with my coworkers, one of them started to explain what happened three years ago with two of our coworkers. They are now the proud parents of a little boy.

Three years ago, after our Christmas dinner, some of my coworkers decided to get drunk somewhere else. Their group shrank as the morning was coming. It was 5AM, and only three remained. My coworker told me he was really drunk, as well as the two other ones. He added he didn’t notice they were getting closer.

But they admitted  later they fell in love that night.

Do we make the right decision when we are drunk?

Not necessarily. I know some couples who got together during a drunken night but never make it to a real relationship afterwards.

Yet, here, it’s different. Because both of my coworkers knew each other well before getting closer. But no one really saw them coming. I thought she was already in another relationship, while he was after another journalist who decided to leave our newsroom for another project.

And they never spent time together before.

Yet, during our Christmas dinner, they were sitting next to each other. And I guess with the help of alcohol, they could easily speak to each other.

Both of them were already in a relationship. But they decided to get together. So far, they are still happy.

I guess alcohol is sometimes a help to bring shy people who are attracted to each other together. Because alcohol  uninhibited  us. But alcohol can also make us bad decisions.

Alcohol has never been a great advice for me. That is why I avoid getting drunk.


One thought on “Love after a drunken night

  1. I guarantee that you dont always make the best decisions when ur drunk sometimes drinking gives you the courage to do some things you would that could work out for you i guess there a time and a place. Probly shouldnt go to work or drive drunk but sometimes it could help you relax and that could be a good thing.

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