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The perfect gift

Recently,  one of my coworkers told me her husband gave her a trip to Rome as a gift for her 30th birthday.”I was so disappointed when I saw where we were going. I felt he didn’t know me, because all I wanted was to go to the Caribbean or another place like that, with a white sands beach and  a turquoise sea” she said.

He surprised me with this gift in front of my family. So, I had to keep my disappointment to myself. But I guess he understood I was disappointed, because he explained Rome was a wonderful and romantic city. Yet, I know when we will be there, he will ask to visit museums and old monuments, while I absolutely hate this kind of holidays” she says. “Besides, when I wanted to give him a gift for his 30th Birthday, I chose something he liked, not something I wanted to do. Am I a bitch for thinking like that?” she added.

For me, it just seems both of them are selfish and don’t want to understand each other. They got married because she got pregnant with him after just one year of relationship. His parents forced him to marry her, as it would be not very appropriate to leave her like that. At the time, she complained he just gave her a ring he found in his grandmother’s attic. “There was nothing romantic about this” she said.

Since I know her, she has always been complaining about her husband. She even agreed to let him go abroad for two years for his job.

Sometimes, I wonder if she really loves him.

But I also wonder if there is a perfect gift.

Personally, I just appreciate to be with my man, because we don’t see each other that much. For me, the best gift would be his presence next to me. Or maybe the ring I will never get from him.

I guess when you’re not grateful to have what you have, you risk to lose what you have.

So, be grateful.

Nowadays, we have too many things around us. And as Sheena Iyengar said, the more choices we have, the more we can make the wrong choice and regret our choice.

Some of us are unable to know what they really need.



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