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The fight against abortion

revolutionary_road_kate_winslet_1In Europe, Spain has recently taken a step back on abortion rights, limiting the options for women to the minimum. Elsewhere in Europe, particularly in Southern and Catholic countries, pressure mounts on abortion rights.

Before this restriction, Spain used to be known abroad in Europe for allowing abortion over the three months pregnancy. Many French women went to the country to get their abortion because of that.

The economic crisis is not stranger to this. Southern countries in Europe have been hit hard by a recession and heavy unemployment rate. Unfortunately, when dire conditions happen, people turn to religion to find a meaning for their life. No religion allows abortions, nor contraception. So, yes, it’s a step back from the progress of our society.

Here in Europe, the reactions in other countries have mounted against the Spanish decision. Because, even in France, women fall more and more under the pressure of those who fight against abortion. This translates into the guilt people want women to feel. Or the false informations MD gives to their female patients who want to abort.

Unfortunately, the media attention to this fight against abortion is rising, which means the phenomenon is rising too.

Thankfully, in my country, this is not the case. Protests are concentrated on the new law allowing euthanasia for young people. The Catholic Church has publicly stood  against this decision. But like same-sex marriage and euthanasia, our country has never taken a step back so far.

Abortion is  a right, the right for a woman to decide if she’s able or not to raise that child. In countries like Ireland where abortion is forbidden, women jeopardize their life to get an abortion, sometimes, with the help of a knitting needle.

Besides, a child who’s not wanted may develop later personality disorders. And in most developed countries, especially in Germany, but also Japan and South Korea, women who choose not to have children are on the rise.


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