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The childless woman

In Germany, the number of women who don’t want to have children is on the rise. The higher diploma German women have, the higher chance they will choose not to have children. This is also true for those whose career’s too important to jeopardize it now with a child. Unfortunately in Germany, women who want to have kids are often forced to sacrifice their professional career, either by working less or by opting out. Because the country has a deficit of nurseries for small children.

Some also explains this phenomenon by the response to the pressure on women during the nazi era. During that time, there was a principle for women: “Kinder, Küche en Kirche”( child, cook, church). After the second world war, the response was to take a distance with this model.

The best example of the German woman without kid is Angela Merkel herself. The German chancellor never had children on her own, unlike other female Prime Ministers (Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish – selfie at funeral- Prime minister, has two daughters).

In other societies where the social pressure is very high, women also tend to think twice before having children. In South Korea, and in some other Asian countries, women even choose not to marry or marry late, and thus avoid having children. South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan have the lowest birth rate in Asia. In the world, Germany has the lowest birth rate.

Unfortunately, with the globalization of our economy, people are pushed to study hard and get the highest marks to be sure of having the possibility to choose their professional life afterward. It’s not unusual for me to meet people coming from Latin America, Asia, or even Africa, with a PhD, an MBA, a CFA, …

But as one Brazilian friend told, those studies cost a lot. She also told me some Brazilian women hesitate to have kids for that reason. My friend is 45, she’s a CEO, and she doesn’t have any kids. She said she doesn’t want to.

Personally, I don’t have kids, and I don’t want to.


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