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Dangerous lovers

1186207_10152315605651950_2096912781897946807_nRecently, I went to a conference where they invited Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent, who’s now advising traders. Navarro gave a speech about dangerous personalities, those who will make your life a living hell if you stay nearby. Because as he said, these individuals don’t care about your feelings and feel superior to all of the human beings.

Navarro said we can’t expect to change these people, because they will never recognize they are wrong.  So, as he added, either you have to take a lot of drugs to endure them, or you just have to run away.

Maybe Reeva Van Steenkamp should have listened to him if she had the occasion when she was still alive. Unfortunately for her, she fell for a dangerous personality like Navarro depicted in his book : Oscar Pistorius.

Today, the attorney said Pistorius always thought about himself and never about her during their 4 months relationship. He said Pistorius always criticized her in public and always told her how to behave. He never said he loved her.

But it’s difficult to leave such a bad relationship. Because the longer you stay, the more you’ll get used to the bad treatment. And you won’t necessarily remark it, but there are signs you should really watch out.

If you cry for no reason, feel permanently neglected, not heard, if you don’t love yourself because of this relationship, then, it may be some warning signs this relationship is not good for you.

I guess listening to your feelings is the best guide you’re in the wrong way.



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