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The helping hand

In my country, our last government took a tough stance against immigration. Some immigrants were asked to leave our territory, even if they are European. Among those who were asked to leave the country, there was a group of Afghans. All of them were illegal and got refused their status as a political refugee.

They made the headlines at the end of last year as they protested a lot in front of all of our ministers’ cabinet. And then, they disappeared. From the media scope, to be fair.

But two weeks ago, I met one of them, during a walk. I registered to a group lead by two psychologists who propose a walk therapy. I was curious about it, as I receive their emails.

The walk was around a castle not very far from my place. Among our group, there were only women, except one man, who was brought there by one of the woman.

Later, she explained she welcomed him in her house, as she was disgusted by our government decision about the Afghans. She said he was sick. But he was able to walk the ten miles we walked without any problems.

Many refugees here in my country try to stay by pretending they’re sick. But as our medias discovered, most of them were faking it. So our government got really careful with this and asked for several controls before granting the right to stay in my country. As a result, the number of demands due to sickness has dropped significantly.

The woman in my group said  her refugee already saw three doctors, who didn’t find anything wrong with him. He was about to meet a fourth one after the walk.

She said she had proposed him to marry her, so he could stay. But he didn’t accept her offer. She also said she wanted to buy him clothes, but he refused. He did accept the clothes given for free by one of her friends. Those clothes were expensive, as she said.

She acted like a mother with him. Yet, I wondered what she was doing in our group. Because this group is a collective therapy. It’s not a simple walk. As I understood, it wasn’t her first time in this group, unlike me. She knew the two psychologists well. Their therapy is simple: as you walk, you are free to go and talk to them in private if you want to.

Like we say in french, ” charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même”.

By trying to save him, she maybe trying to save herself.


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