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The love gurus

There’s such a market for the broken hearts. When you search on internet, which is not a media, but a place of exchanges, it’s easy to find various sites which promise to you to get your ex back. There are around 941.000.000 results on Google if you type this request. Some will lead you to a press article from a well known magazine, but others will lead you to a so-called specialist about relationships. Usually, these will all start with several reasons why you push your significant other away, and then offer you to register for free to their newsletters by giving your email address.

If you register to their newsletters, you will receive emails on a regular basis, but also offers to buy an e-book. Some will directly mention the ad. While others will trick you to a video link, where you will never get the answer you need, but you will receive at the end of the long video the exclusive offer to buy an e-book with a rebate from the original price.

If you buy the e-book, you will find some advices. But generally, these always start with testimonies from other readers, who always say they’re so happy they have found the one thanks to A. or C. or B.’s precious advices. They will all tell you that the medias show a wrong side of love and seduction, and that you should avoid  calling him all the time if you’re a woman and make him jealous by dating plenty of other guys. As if it was that easy.

All of them will promise you to be irresistible, but you have to pay for it.  They will all tell you they have the secret to make the one fall in love with you.

It just reminds me of the voodoo leaflets I receive in my mailbox, in which a marabout tells you he can heal you disease or bring you loved one back.

Unfortunately, when you’re weak and broken hearted, you can easily listen to those sirens.

But relationships are much more complicated than that.