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Dating through Tinder

Recently, a friend of mine told me she had a date with a guy she met on Tinder, that app you can download on your smartphone and shows you the Facebook profile of potential partners. My friend said she found him very attractive and funny, as they started to chat with each other.

After a few exchanges, she agreed to meet him in a cafe in my town which is the hotspot for blind dates apparently. After the D-Date, she told me he was cute and charming, but she wasn’t convinced at all by him. Because she has a hard time to forget her ex. But she added it felt good to feel desirable, and the app helped her to find what she was looking for.

I’ve never use Tinder. I’ve just tried other dating sites, where I was really disappointed after I met the guy in real life. I don’t know if I would be helped more by looking at a Facebook profile. Because we only put a fraction of us on Facebook, and usually the good part of it.

But then, I came across this article.  It says an artist used to respond to every lewd message by drawing a nude cartoon based on the photos she received.

Because it’s true that when you’re a woman, you can be harassed on dating sites, especially those where statistically, there are more men than women.

I experienced once an unpleasant situation with dating site. I didn’t put my real name, but I just mentioned I was a journalist. And the guy I met online managed to find my identity, and started to comment on my articles by insulting me. I had to refer to our community manager to get rid of him, and to the dating site where I complained about him. I think they have blocked him. I’ve never about him. But since then, I’ve been more careful. I don’t mention who I am to the people I met online. I’m a bit disgusted by dating sites anyway.

There are people who meet their match on those sites, though. One of my friends met her man through a Facebook game called are you interested?  a while ago.


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