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The woman-child

Our society likes when we look youthful. But when you’re acting as a child, it’s not the case. This is especially the case if you want to be a leader.

Unfortunately, for women, it seems our society pushes us to be a woman-child, aka the woman who doesn’t say much or on the contrary, can’t help saying whatever crosses her mind, relies on men and other people, and takes no responsibility.

TV shows celebrate this kind of woman. Look at Girls, New Girl, Don’t Trust the B…  in Apartment 23, and even Rachel/ Phoebe in Friends,…

Is this because women wait longer to have children compared to our mothers? Because with motherhood, women lose their child-like attitude. At least, it’s the case for most of them. But I have several examples around me where the mother acts as if she was still a teenager, and is like a girlfriend to her daughter(s). It’s different when her kids are boys. Usually, she has to turn into a bossy person just to get authority on them. As a journalist I met recently told me: “I don’t like French women when they have three children. They get bossy”. 

Some women also choose not to have children at all. This trend is also on the rise, in every country, as people ponder about their future and get afraid of the world they would leave to their children. The more educated people, especially women, are, the more they chose not to have children.

But when you’re a woman-child, you face the risk of not being taken seriously. And attract the wrong kind of men.

I know about this, because this is my case. And it becomes a burden for me, as I’m often left aside when my boss  chooses someone to moderate or do a speech for my newspaper.  In general, I attract older men, much older than me, who act really bossy with me.

With time, I get really cautious when I get approached by men I don’t know. All of them fall into the same category: old, narcissistic, seducer, … And if I’m at a party or a cocktail, I try not to stay alone on my side because I know I will attract this kind of individuals. That’s why I carefully choose where I go, to be sure I know at least two or three people there.

And deep inside of me, I hope I won’t turn into the pathetic portrait of Charlize Theron in “Young adult”.


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