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The guy you don’t want to date: 2) the temper trap

Unlike the seducer, who’s not mean, the temper trap is really dangerous to you.

He’s the guy who overreacts all of the time to every situation he’s involved. He can shout at the waiter at the restaurant because he’s not served quickly enough. He can be rude to other people while he’s driving his car, especially when a bad driver comes by. He doesn’t like when he’s not right.  He ‘s angry when you don’t reply to his messages or his phone calls immediately. And when you get into an argument with him, he will accuse you of being a bad person, by carefully listing all what you did wrong, and doesn’t hesitate to take examples of the past.

He doesn’t know the word self-control.

He’s paranoid, but deep inside of him, there’s a fragile little kid who wants to defend himself at all costs. He will tell you he had an unhappy childhood because his father was violent. He’s victimizing himself a lot. Yes, he’s a bad kid you want to put in a corner so he can calm down.

He’s not fun to be with.

He can be violent with you as well.

Because of his overreactions, you will end up by fearing him. You will hear a nasty voice inside of your head.  This is not the sign of a healthy relationship. Who fear the one we love?

Unfortunately, this kind of man targets women who aren’t able to neutralize him. It can be a young woman who doesn’t have a long experience with love, but also anyone who falls under his authority. Or a woman who will try to save him.


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