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The guy you don’t want to date: 3) the passive-aggressive

The passive-aggressive guy can be recognized by his lack of honesty. He’s the one who will never tell you directly what he’s thinking about but will act with you very nicely, and even compliment you, while behind your back, he would say the exact opposite.

He’s also the one who can ignore you and be nice to other people simultaneously.

He’s the one who never do what you ask him to do. He can forget your birthday or to come to an important event for you.

He never takes the blame for himself.

In other words, he’s a two-faced person.

Usually, he will tell you bad things about the people he met. But when he meets them in a situation, he will act really polite and kind with them. People who lie have a tendency to have a high-pitched voice when they talk. It’s just a sign they are not feeling comfortable with you, but try to disguise their discomfort.

I know that because one of my ex’s used to have a high-pitched voice with the people he doesn’t like when we were in public. He would compliment them, even saying he was happy to see them. But his voice betrayed him all of the time.

So this should serve as an indication to know if he really likes you. If his voice tends to reach higher notes, even if he’s not yelling at you, this should be a sign he’s faking it.

But some passive-agressive men know how to lie. And they know how to control their voice.

Otherwise, there are signs they are not comfortable with you, like if he’s not able to stare at you for long enough, touches his face while speaking to you,…

But the best way to know if he’s loyal to you is to watch his action. Remember that actions speak louder than words.

He will drive you nuts if you stay too long with him.